Everybody has experienced at least few times in his life , a deja-vu recalling a clear state of happiness . In most of the cases it runs back to a far past. But it´s a memory difficult to grab: the most we try to focus, the fuzzier it gets.

Is it really a memory from my personal life? we might question.

According to a recent neuroscience research, it might be a kind of flash emitted by the amygdala. This organ is one of the first evolved in our brain along the evolution and it performs a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional responses.

This theory describes a past existed log ago when men experienced a lasting balance with nature. The strong favourable situation to human kind, was somehow recorded in our genome, precisely in the amygdala.


Nature has a powerful role in stimulating this “flash” from the past. This also explains the success of the Naturoid in evoking a positive state of mind.
The Naturoid works on two side: it helps amplify the reminiscence of the ancient state of mind somehow still surviving in our amygdala. It’s also a bridge that helps us connect to the natural waves around us, the NEM (Natural Earth Mesh), which surely has remained unchanged from that distant past.