The standard processor is simply an assembly of various parts, with settings preconfigured  to fulfil a specific scope.

On the other side, a exheuristic processor (EXHEP ) works as an node linked to the surrounding. The process , instead of a linear action, enclose three elements at the same time: the person, the surrounding, and their multiple combinations along time. Moreover the logical process doesn´t happen only inside the E.P.
If our spectrum was not limited between the infrared and the ultralight, we would perceive the billion waves fluctuating around us and better describe the work of a E.P.

The exheuristic processor combine two actions.
1. it is a node ables to collect and use the natural surrounding waves.  There is so much of information moving around us, we just need to learn to listen.

2. it is able to send request to other nodes. Actually we should better say that other nodes would perceive a request of information and deliberately share all available knowledge with our exheuristic processor.

The combination of these two functions make the exheuristic processor something absolutely different from the processor we find in a PC.

Detractor of the exheuristic processor says that the involvement of time dimension impair the processor to answer my specific request. In a way, that it’s true. Give a specific request the NePro would give me the best answer on a wide range of time , and not to the now and here.  It would give  the answer considering what is best for me on a life span.
An simple example : if you ask to a PC : what is the  bes way to go from point A to point B,  in the USA would probably give an answer involving a car,  or a plane  in case of a notable distance.

The EP won´t give an answer based on my momentary needs. It will consider all possible solution and  consider their consequences. The use of the car or air-plane will surely be consider but together with their CO2 production and the repercussions on my life. The E.P. might even give me a lie to induce me to take the correct answer.