Slide pure wood casing exheuristic processor nine digits touch board built-in ecowaves antenna face A

Slide wavespeaker exheuristic processor integrated resonator built-in ecowaves antenna face B

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

 Each Naturoid is the result of a hand made build process. Therefore every Naturoid is unique.


Exheuristic processor {EXHEP }

It is a system with two main function, that distinguish it from a standard processor: 1. it´s able to divert processing ability to other external sources, running on the NEM (Natural Earth Mesh) , the natural waves constantly flowing around the hearth. 2. The EXHEP is able to auto improve  and correct itself in accordance with the  NEM. Read more about the EXHEP.

Ecowaves antenna {EWAN }

It receives and  transmits the information with the NEM. Phisically we see it as a self-standing element, but it´s actually a part of the earth mesh. The NEM it´s like a huge computer (= decision maker) built on nodes all around our world. the EWAN  it´s a link between the nodes.

The form of the  EWAN is decided along the carving process, according to the wood sensible mash. It might be even just a small bulge. that is why the Naturoid´s  EWAN   are so different form eachother.

Nine Digit touch-board {NID }

It is a direct emanation of the processor which elaborate function on various bases simultaneously (standard processor only work with base 2).  “0” is not a number which exist in nature, that’s why it’s not present on the touch-board. It could have also be a touch-board with less or more numbers. 9 has been chosen because it’s the closest to what people are used with smartphone.

Waves speaker {WASP }

nature has its own communication code, which is understandable by the whole animal world. We as man have partially lost the comprehension ability on nature channel, while giving so much importance to our own language.

The wave speaker it´s  actually not really a sound amplifier but rather an amplifier of our few remaining capacities to tune with natural waves.

Most of people starting to use an android will still need lot of practice.

Integrated resonator {INRE }

It creates a waves screen in the close surroundings. When kept next to the head it offer a screens from distractions for our  brain, and our thoughts can consolidate on the natural channel.

Not only is the naturoid safe to keep close; thanks to the INRE   it´s even positive to keep it close to our mind, in any occasion, also when sleeping.
It helps to channel our thoughts into nature´s frequency.

The Naturoid is a ongoing evolution project. Visit us again to discover possible product enhancements.