In order to make a comparison between the two devices we need to define a common scenario, in which we can highlight the pro and contra of the two devices.

At the end of the 20th century, a smartphone was still mostly a phone: a device to communicate with others.

After just a decade it has radically changed. Never a device changed the human behaviour in such a short time and in such a deep way.

Nowadays a smartphone is essentially used by people, also very young, to satisfy the need of integration (much more than for recreational porpoise). There is a strong fear of being excluded, feeling lonely, being useless … A smartphone appears as great option to solve this problem.
Is it true?


improving social integration

A smartphone is a small computer where special attention is given to social app. People who feel lonely register themselves on an application and ask their acquaintances to connect with them.

You will get the highest feeling of integration (fint ranking) basically according to 2 principles:

  • the number of words you exchange. It significance does not really matter. NB if you talk a lot non sense you might be considered interesting, but you might also be considered wired and get excluded. The best is to keep in line with the others adopting a zelig attitude.
  • the number of connections you have. This latter is weighted by the number of connections your acquaintance has. It´s not the same being link to some one with 20 connection rather than with a notable person with up to 5000 connections.

Sometimes is difficult to say something, even nonsense. The smartphone offer a great help, with multiple options to reuse ready made content. You can copy past from other sources. Even easier just forward something you received.
In this process there are multiple gains. When you receive a message you feel important (attention received). You forward the same message to somebody else, thou you make him happy and you gain the feeling of the protagonist. All this with a minimum effort (which is one of the basic law of nature).

The content is not really important. It can be a news, something fake or a non sense disquisition. In most of the case there is not even the need to spend time reading it . The positive feelings isn´t related to the content, it´s bond to the action.

Other way to promote connection with other is by playing a game on line. The smartphone explains democratically the rules, basically which set of keys to press to fulfil an action. Doing all together the same thing (pressing the keys on the touchscreen) help growing a feeling of community.

Finally you might just feel a bit down without any appetite to socialize. The smartphone comes with lot of option to keep you busy, and to prevent your mood from lowering to depression. The smartphone gives you amusement and fulfilment. Do a solitary game, check the weather, watch a series, and much more.


improving social integration

A Naturoid works the opposite . Its mechanism is not promoting directly your personality to the others. It start promoting your personality to your self.

Several actions combined will reach the point.

First it stimulates your connection with the outer world, the nature. You will begin to experience the belonging to a wider system. The resulting personal enhancement will also reduce the eagerness to do well with others.

The exheuristic processor induce an alteration in the skin osmosis to improve the permeability to the ecowaves. This result in a comprehension of the nature and our role in it. It gives us confidence and stability. The positive feelings inside will slowly flow out and the others will perceive it (the unconscious communication of emotions at distance is still an active function of our body). Thus our social attraction power will enhance.

The communication through a Naturoid is not really easy, and it might take a while before seeing some results.

Also don´t expect to rise a strong interest in a massive group of people.
Naturoid communication are at first only bidirectional, it needs both side to share a common content. So its best to train in a two persons dialog.

The interconnection can run along multiple chains of single connections. The friend of your friend is your friend. And by a slow but strong chain reaction you gain a wide range of friends.

About amusing your self, naturoid works different. In the moment you feel uncomfortable with other people, whatever you are sad or bored, the naturoid participation is very subtle. It offers no amusement. But it helps you recognize the feeling as part of a necessary fluctuation. Not by hiding but properly by dealing with your emotion that you learn to master them. You learn that each of this down flex is a slope that eventually will bend up and push you at a higher level. “Per aspera ad astra“.

Other positive things of the naturoid:

there is no danger to sleep with it. Actually it is highly suggested to reach the REM sleep level holding the device in your hand. No radiation, no warming up, no cancer ,…..but a deeper satisfying dream. Many recount to come across vivid, wide angle, fully coloured dreams.

No danger for addiction. The naturoid it’s just a guide. There has been phases along our evolution when we, as humans, were able to sense and communicate with nature. The naturoid gives us an hand to reactivate this function. Once learned you can set aside the naturoid and hand it to somebody else who needs it. A naturoid never get outdated. At the contrary , being a live part of an evolving system it keeps on improving.


People would be wrong to build up much expectations for one or the other.

A smartphone is an appendix to achieve actions we aren´t able to do ourself.
On the short run a smartphone is surely faster and more effective.

There is still much to learn about the Naturoid. The advantages seams to be on the long run, by stimulating the grow of our capability and to achieve goals with our own strength.

It is a learning process aiming for self improvement and independence.

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